Wood Fence Installations

Sunrise Fence Builders -Wood Fence Installations in Sunrise, FL

Are you looking to install a wood fence for your residential or commercial property? The Fence Builders of Sunrise is the top-rated wood fencing company in Broward County. This is because we know what it takes to craft an outstanding wooden fence. After all, thousands of residents in the area choose wood fence installations because they are a low-cost fencing solution for timelessly beautiful fences in Sunrise. They are also versatile, meaning that both residential wood fences and commercial wood fences are common. Not only that, but a wood fence adds curb appeal and market value to your property. For homebuyers, a wood fence is appealing, so when you invest in a wooden fence installation in Sunrise, you get a return if your house ever gets put up for sale.

Custom Wood Fence Installation Options

The Sunrise Fence Builders has the most impressive custom fence options for wood fences in the area. This is because we have access to the best wood from around the country and use commercial-grade wood materials. We have developed a stacked catalogue containing great wood and custom base models. We combine the two to give you the highest quality wood fences in Broward County.

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Wood Fence Materials

Fence Builders sources all kinds of wood materials to our local warehouse for convenient inventory. We also make sure to professionally stain, seal, and pressure treat your wood to last in the Florida elements. Some of the most popular wood materials in our inventory include:

Fir Wood Fences
Cedar Wood Fences
Maple Wood Fences
Cypress Wood Fences
Specialized Maple Wood Fences
Spruce Wood Fences
California Redwood Fences
Pine Wood Fences

Best Wood Fence Designs in Sunrise, FL

Sunrise Fence Builders puts these wood materials to use, designing the best commercial and residential wood fences in the area, including the following coveted base models:

Stockade Fences
Gothic Point Fences
Panel Fences
Lattice Top Fences
Picket Fences
Privacy Wood Fences
Privacy Fences
Semi-Privacy Wood Fences
Dog-Ear Fences
Post and Rail Fences

Standard Point Fences
Split Rail Fences
Modified Point Fences
Garden Fences
Flat Top Fences
Scalloped Fences
Cross Post Fences
Branch Fences
Pool Fences
Backyard Fences
Front Yard Fences
Mixed Wood Fences

All wood fence base model designs come with additional customization options for personalized fencing solutions.

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Ready to get the best wood fence installation in Sunrise, FL? Pick up the phone and call the Fence Builders of Sunrise today to get connected with our 5-star customer service staff. We answer all inquiries and give you quotes on your upcoming fence project so you have fair, accurate pricing. We also take the time to educate you on options based on your preferences, your budget, and your property. Fence Builders also takes care of your HOA and city of Sunrise fencing permits to keep your fence installation in compliance with local ordinances. We look forward to making your wood fence dreams a reality!