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The Fence Builders is a top-rated fence contracting company serving Sunrise, Florida for over 15 years. We have a committed staff of experienced and professional fence builders who handle all your fence installation and fence repair needs.

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About Fence Builders Services

As Sunrise’s designated fence installation and repair contractor, we offer turnkey fence services such as:

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These services are supplied by our local fence warehouse. We have access to only the finest commercial grade fence materials because we want you to have a quality fence for your property. Fence Builders, with our professional staff and equipment, design award-winning fences at mind-blowingly affordable rates. This even includes our fence repairs! Our quotes are competitive, but when it comes to service, no one can compare with Fence Builders!

Why should you choose Sunrise Fence Builders?

Experience: When it comes to experience, Fence Builders is second to none. With over 15 years of professional service in Sunrise, we know what it takes to make a great fence. Our team uses cutting-edge methods to give you a wonderful fence built in a timely manner.

Professionalism: As a reputable fence contractor in Sunrise, we are dedicated to our craft. All fences completed by our licensed, insured, and certified fence building specialists adhere to a stringent standard of excellence. We also go above and beyond the other fence companies in the area because we work with local HOA’s and the city of Sunrise to handle any paperwork and obtain the necessary permits for compliant service. This means that your fence won’t run the risk of violating any city codes. In addition to our professional contracting, we offer complimentary manufacturer warranties to promote the lifespan of your fence.

Customer Service: Fence Builders is renowned for having some of the best customer service in the local fence industry. This is a result of our commitment to customer service and 100% customer satisfaction. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, taking the time to educate you on the fence building process. We also work with you to find the best solution for your time and budget so that you can have a stress-free fence installation. Year after year, our company has grown as a result of a large volume of customer referrals. Our clients are telling people about their amazing service, and we are truly grateful for being able to serve the best community in Florida!

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If you have an inquiry about your upcoming fence project, please don’t hesitate to call Fence Builders. Our amazing customer service team will answer your questions and give you a reliable quote so that you can be one step closer to having an amazing fence.