Sunrise Fence Builders

Sunrise Fence Builders

Do you have a fence that is in need of some fixing? There are plenty of factors that may have lead you to a less-than-stellar fence, such as damages from a storm or improper installations from a shady contractor. If you fence is worse for wear, you need a professional fence contractor for high quality fence repair services. The Fence Builders is Sunrise, FL’s most trusted fence repair company because we are dedicated to 5-star fence repairs. We are reliable contractors with proven experience in the fence repair industry, and after 15 years, our licensed and insured fence specialists are equipped to fix your fence.


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Professional Fence Repair Services


When it comes to getting repairs for your fence, we handle it with ease. From the initial consultation, we schedule a time to come out to your property and inspect your fence for damages and inadequacies. From there, we propose the best fence solutions and offer free quotes for any potential services. Unlike other companies, who may suggest a total fence replacement as a first course of action, we diligently take the time to exhaust other options to salvage your fence. Many times, the repairs are minor, and by avoiding an unnecessary replacement, your fence repairs will save you money! All services are handled with attentiveness and care, meaning that you can be assured that your fence restoration will go smoothly.


Not only that, but the cost of a fence repair in Sunrise is affordable when you choose Fence Builders. We offer flexible payment plan options free of interest to meet your budgeting needs. Just because your fence is broken, it doesn’t mean your bank has to be broken too!

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Common Fence Repairs in Broward County

While there are all kinds of fence repairs, the most common fence repair services by the Fence Builders of Sunrise include leaning fence posts, missing panels or pickets, holes and cracks in fences, weather damages, and loose hinges on fences. These fence damages are quickly corrected by our team. We also do wood fence repairs, aluminum fence repairs, PVC fence repairs, iron fence repairs, and more!

Fence Builders is different from other fence contracting companies because we offer complimentary service warranties that last for over 2 years. This is our way of saying that your fence was repaired properly and will last for many years after our services. Not only that, but in the event of weather damages like hurricanes, hail, tornados, and flooding, we come back to honor our warranty.

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Ready to get your fence back to normal? Pick up the phone and call the Fence Builders of Sunrise, FL. When you connect with our friendly customer service representatives, you will feel confident with your upcoming service because we answer all your inquiries. Not only that, but we work with you to find the best solution for you while getting an accurate quote for your fence repairs.